What's new - April Edition

What's new - April Edition

Hello everyone,

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic new features for our cloud apps: Lively Blogs, Content Activity & Usage Statistics. But wait, there's more! We also have a brand-new addition to our lineup, and we can't wait to give you a sneak peek.

So, let's dive in!

✨ Usage Statistics ✨

Usage Statistics for Confluence

◻️ Usage Statistics Macro

  • Easily add a customizable dashboard to your page as a macro.
  • Tailor your dashboard by including/excluding specific metrics.
  • Specify one or multiple spaces for metrics display.
  • Show/hide the names of selected spaces for a personalized view.

◻️ List pagination

  • Now, all cards displaying data in a list view can be paginated.
  • View the entire result set, not just the top entries, for comprehensive insights.

✨ Content Activity ✨

Content Activity for Confluence

◻️ Visualize your team's contributions over time

This app offers a day-to-day calendar chart, displaying your team's activity level with clear, colorful visuals. Darker shades indicate busier days.

◻️ Detailed insights, day by day

Curious about a specific day's activity? Content Activity provides detailed insights. Click on any day to reveal page, blog post, comment, or attachment activity. Dive straight into the content with a simple click.

◻️ Personalized viewing experience

  • Select the content type that matters most to you: pages, blog posts, comments, or attachments.
  • Choose the time frame that aligns with your interests, whether you prefer a broad overview or detailed insights.
  • Customize the size and colors to seamlessly integrate Content Activity into your Confluence experience.

✨ Lively Blogs ✨

Lively Blogs for Confluence

◻️ Image and text size customization: Customize image and text sizes for blog posts and cards with ease. Choose from small, medium, or large options to tailor your content's appearance.

◻️ Image fit options: Now, enjoy customizable image fit settings in the Lively Blogs macro and homepage feed! Whether it's cover, contain, or fill, find the perfect fit for your images.

✨ Lively Apps  ✨

📣 Meet us in Las Vegas at Team'24 📣  We're thrilled to connect, share insights. Make sure to visit our booth to see Lively Apps in action. Talk to our developers in Las Vegas at Booth 106.

📣 Sneak peek 📣 From idea to action! 👩🏻‍💻 Get ready to level-up your project management in Confluence! Our upcoming tool, powered by AI, will transform the way you manage your projects in your Confluence page. ✨