Discover Our New Confluence App

Discover Our New Confluence App

In the hustle and bustle of collaboration, understanding your team's engagement is crucial. Content Activity is not just a tool; it's your visual storyteller.

See Your Content Come to Life Over Time

Have you ever wished for a way to see your team's Confluence contributions evolve and grow over months or even years? Well, your wish just came true with Content Activity! This app brings your content activity to life in a day-to-day calendar chart, giving you a clear and colorful picture of how active your team has been. The darker the color, the more bustling the activity on that day.

Dive into the Details, One Day at a Time

Ever wonder what happened on a specific day? With Content Activity, you can! Just click on any day, and voilà – detailed insights into the activity of pages, blog posts, comments, or attachments unfold before you. And guess what? You can even jump right into the content with just a click.

Tailor Your View for a Personalized Experience

Now, here's where Content Activity becomes your personal assistant. Customize the macro to match your preferences:

  • Choose the content type that matters most to you – be it pages, blog posts, comments, or attachments.
  • Pick the time frame that aligns with your interests, providing you with a broad or detailed perspective on your Confluence engagement.
  • Tweak the size and colors, making Content Activity seamlessly blend into your Confluence experience.

Whether you're an experienced Confluence user or just starting your Confluence journey, our Contribution Calendar is here to transform your Confluence insights into an engaging visual experience. It's an excellent tool for both seasoned pros wanting a quick overview and Confluence-newbies looking to understand their Confluence engagement better.

You can try out Content Activity on the Marketplace. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact us any time via our help portal. We are happy to help!