What's new - October 2023 Edition 🎃🍂

What's new - October 2023 Edition  🎃🍂

Boooo everyone! 👻 We are excited to announce some amazing new features for our apps: Lively Blogs, Link Management, Usage Statistics & PocketQuery.

Let's dive in and see what's new!

✨ Lively Blogs ✨

New Features

◽️ Grid View & Dark Mode

  1. Grid View: The Lively Blog Posts macro now offers a visually appealing grid view, in addition to the traditional list view. This new feature brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to your blog post presentation.
  2. Theme Changes: Seamless theme integration means that changes to your Confluence theme, whether opting for dark or light mode, will reflect in the Lively Blogs homepage feed and macro. This ensures a consistent and unified look across your Confluence environment.

◽️  Important Label and Homepage Feed Layout Options

Marking your blog posts as important has never been easier. You can now set the "Important" label directly in the macro options and homepage feed settings. It's your shortcut to ensuring crucial content is noticed.

What's more, the layout options available in the macro can now be applied seamlessly to the homepage feed.

📣 Improvements

Several improvements have been made to enhance your user experience:

  • The "Homepage feed title" has been renamed to "Blog," simplifying the interface for users.
  • Configuration options have been refined for smoother navigation.
  • Under-the-hood updates have been implemented, optimizing the underlying theme for better performance.
  • Forge search scope is now used instead of multiple read scopes, as recommended in the Forge API.
  • Font colors have been adjusted.
  • Blog cards now use a border instead of a strong shadow.

✨ Link Management ✨

New Features

◽️  Edit with Regex

Introducing a powerful new feature – you can now edit links using regular expressions (regex). This means you have greater control and flexibility when it comes to hyperlink editing. To learn more about how to use regex for link editing, please refer to our documentation.

📣 Improvements

We believe in making things easy for you. With edit modes that can be effortlessly switched using radio buttons, you'll be navigating like a pro. Plus, we've added an “Open link” button to the link action columns, streamlining your navigation experience.

✨ Usage Statistics ✨

We've fine-tuned your User-Experience with the following improvements:

  • Data Loading: Data is now loaded directly in the frontend, ensuring that you have quick access to all your important usage statistics.
  • Menu Entry Renamed: To make your navigation even more intuitive, we've renamed the menu entry to simply “Usage”.

✨ PocketQuery ✨

In this PocketQuery releases, we're introducing valuable enhancements and one new feature that improve your data management experience.

◽️  Tables are Sortable by Default

Our new feature addition brings convenience to your data tables. Tables are now sortable by default, aligning with the experience in Data Center (DC). This small but handy change makes it easier to organize and find information within your tables.

◽️ Importing Data Sources with Invalid Hostnames

Now you can import data sources with invalid or blocked hostnames without import failures. Instead, we issue a warning and adjust the hostname by adding “invalid-” and replacing dots with hyphens. While these data sources may not work correctly, the import process is smoother.

◽️ New Wildcard for Space Name

Introducing “@space.name” – a new query wildcard that dynamically inserts the space name where your query is executed. It complements the existing space key wildcard.

◽️ New Snowflake Data Source Type

We've added a dedicated Snowflake data source type for seamless integration with this popular data warehousing platform.

🙌 Stay tuned for these exciting updates as we prepare to elevate your Confluence experience with a new app on the horizon. Keep an eye out for more details, coming your way very soon!