Gathering 10,000 Tech Enthusiasts: WeAreDevelopers Congress 2023 in Berlin

Gathering 10,000 Tech Enthusiasts: WeAreDevelopers Congress 2023 in Berlin

In a world where technology keeps pushing the boundaries, there's this awesome event that just radiates inspiration, innovation, and that feeling of being part of something bigger. Say hello to the WeAreDevelopers Congress – this annual get-together for tech wizards. Imagine this: a whopping 10,000 tech lovers of the world all coming together. The place was buzzing with excitement – from mind-blowing talks that had us all ears to really cool live coding sessions, you could practically feel the tech passion in the air.

Alice, Product Manager at Lively Apps, and Johannes, Software Developer at Lively Apps, were lucky enough to be part of this excited event. Now, let's see through our favorite talks from the experience.

Here are our Highlights

  • 'Crafting a Minimal LOVABLE Product' - From MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to MLP (Minimal Loveable Product). Luise Freese illuminated the art of creating products that go beyond functionality. Her insights focused on identifying those subtle the tiny little detail that evoke genuine user satisfaction, resulting in truly goosebump-moments.
  • 'Sparking Developer Joy for Enhanced Productivity' - Anu Bharadwaj, the visionary President of Atlassian, delved into the relationship between cultivating joyful development experiences and unlocking unprecedented productivity and innovation within teams.
  • 'React From Another Dimension' - Dan Abramov's exploration of React took attendees on an eye-opening journey to unleash the framework's full potential in modern web development, offering fresh perspectives. Comic sans Forever!
  • Closing Keynote: 'Tech's Limitless Horizons' - Joel Spolsky, the CEO of Stack Overflow, delivered a captivating conclusion. He led the audience on a thought-provoking voyage through the various eras of the Internet. Hello Age of the Generative AI!


Amidst a world driven by ever-advancing technology, the WeAreDevelopers Congress shines as an inspiring event, bringing together 10,000 tech enthusiasts to explore talks and live coding sessions. In addition to the significant insights that will enhance our workflows, we have officially renamed the MVP to MLP at Lively Apps.

See you in 2024, WeAreDevelopers Team! 💛