What's new - Lively June Edition 2023

What's new - Lively June Edition 2023

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce some amazing new features for our apps: Lively Blogs, Lively Home, and Link Management.

Let's dive in and see what's new!

We've been working hard to improve Link Management, and we are thrilled to announce some exciting new features

⬜️ Edit Domains

Space Admins can now easily edit domains within their space. With the new Edit Domains feature, admins can now make bulk replacements.

Space Users can now view all the links for their space in one place. With the new Space Links page, users can quickly find the links they need and access them with ease.


Lively Home is your everything dashboard in the Cloud. See the latest blog posts with teaser images. Create and schedule announcements.

⬜️ Plus Button

With the Plus Button functionality, you can add tasks, birthdays, quicklinks, and more to enhance your experience.

⬜️ Beautiful Blog Posts

Lively Home displays blog posts with images in a clean design. This makes it easier for users to access blog posts within Confluence.

⬜️ Favorite Spaces

Users can now easily access their favorite spaces within Lively Home. They can add or remove spaces as required, ensuring that they always have quick access to their most-used spaces.

⬜️ Favorite Pages and Blog Posts

Users can now add favorite pages and blog posts within Lively Home. This makes it easier for them to access their favorite content quickly.

Lively Home now displays quicklinks for both users and admins. Users can edit their own quicklinks, and admins can view and manage all quicklinks.

⬜️ Birthdays

Users can now view all the people who have birthdays on the corresponding day. They can also add their own birthday to Lively Home, ensuring that they never forget to celebrate.

⬜️ Tasks

Users can now view all their assigned tasks within Lively Home. They can also add new tasks, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Here is a list of all new features in Lively Home

🟧 Beautiful blog posts with images

🟧 Add blog posts via the plus button

🟧  Display of the personal and global quicklinks

🟧   Adding and removing quicklinks

🟧 Display of all favorite spaces

🟧  Adding and removing the favorite spaces

🟧  Display of all tasks assigned to the current user

🟧  Adding tasks assigned to the current user

🟧 Display of all favorite pages and blog posts

🟧 Add and remove favorites from blog posts and pages

🟧 Display of all people who have a birthday on the corresponding day

🟧 Adding the birthday of the current user

🟧 Display of all apps that have been linked

🟧  Add and remove personal app links.


Great News! Lively Blogs is now available in Cloud! Lively Blogs is the perfect app for writing and reading blog posts. Here are the features in Cloud we've added.

⬜️ Blog Post Layouts

Users can choose from a variety of layouts when creating a blog post in Confluence Cloud.

⬜️ Filtered Posts

Users can filter posts by space, label, or author.

⬜️ Lively Blogs Feed

Blog posts are added on the Confluence homepage in the feed on the right-hand side.

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