Enhancing Visibility: Harnessing the Power of Important Blog Posts in Lively Blogs

Enhancing Visibility: Harnessing the Power of Important Blog Posts in Lively Blogs

In a Confluence environment where numerous posts are created and shared regularly, it's important to ensure that your most valuable content receives the attention it deserves. With important posts, our app Lively Blogs allows you to highlight and prioritize specific articles within your Confluence instance, leveraging the capabilities of Lively Blogs to ensure enhanced visibility.

Why Important Blog Posts?

Important blog posts are essential for effective communication, prioritizing key content, and driving engagement, ensuring that your valuable content stands out and resonates with your audience.

Effective Communication

Highlight and communicate your message directly to your audience. Important blog posts provide an excellent avenue for effective communication, whether it's announcing an upcoming event, sharing breaking news, or highlighting important insights. By maintaining the posts' prominence for a defined timeframe, you guarantee that your readers won't miss out on vital information.

Prioritizing Key Content

Emphasize the significance of your key content. Not all blog posts are created equal, and some hold more value than others. Important blog posts enable you to prioritize your thought leadership articles, in-depth guides, or product updates. By showcasing these posts prominently, you increase the likelihood of your audience engaging with and sharing them.

Driving Engagement

Encourage interaction and foster engagement with your audience. Important blog posts excel in generating curiosity and sparking discussions. When visitors encounter a prominently displayed post, they're more likely to read, comment on, and share it with others. This increased engagement leads to valuable discussions, increased brand awareness, and a growing loyal readership.

How to Use Important Posts in Lively Blogs

By following simple steps such as marking blog posts as important and customizing display settings, you can effectively leverage the important posts feature in Lively Blogs to highlight key content and engage your audience.

Marking a Blog Post as Important

Designate your important blog posts easily. Simply navigate to the desired blog post in your Confluence instance and apply the "important" label using Lively Blogs' tagging functionality. This label highlights the significance of the content and ensures it stands out in the blog post stream.

Displaying Important Posts

Make your important posts stand out visually. Once marked as important, the blog posts will be visually distinguished by a yellow exclamation mark icon next to their titles. This eye-catching symbol captures the attention of your audience, making the important posts easily noticeable in the blog post stream.

Customizing Time Frame and Maximum Number

Tailor the display of your important posts to suit your needs. Lively Blogs allows you to customize the time frame and maximum number of important posts displayed in the stream. By default, important posts remain at the top for one week, with a maximum of two posts shown simultaneously.

However, you have the flexibility to adjust these settings according to your specific requirements. Simply configure the time frame and maximum number parameters in the Lively Blogs macro or on the homepage feed to align with your content strategy.

Additionally, you can disable the important posts feature entirely by setting the maximum number of important posts to 0, reverting to a standard blog post stream.


Maximize the impact of your blog with important blog posts. By leveraging this feature in Lively Blogs, you can effectively communicate your key messages, prioritize essential content, and drive engagement among your readers. Ensure that your most valuable content receives the attention it deserves in the crowded digital landscape. Start using important posts in Lively Blogs today and unlock the full potential of your blog.

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