Restrict Queries to Spaces in PocketQuery Cloud

Restrict Queries to Spaces in PocketQuery Cloud

Our Cloud version of PocketQuery just got a beloved feature from its Data Center counterpart – Restricting queries to Confluence spaces. By configuring spaces on a query, only users with view permissions in these spaces are allowed to execute the query.

Space Permissions

Space permissions are a powerful feature in Confluence. They allow managing permissions for groups and individual users like access to the space itself, adding/deleting content, or administrating it. The full list of permissions can be found here.

Permissions can be configured directly for individual users or groups. For groups, the permissions will be applied to all members of the group. Enabling the “All → View” checkbox in the permissions table gives the users general access to the space.

Confluence space permissions

Query Configuration

In PocketQuery, there is now the option to configure one or more spaces to the query. That means, whoever has access to those spaces (configured by the space permissions) automatically gains the permission to also execute the query within the space.

Linking spaces to a query

Because queries are added to Confluence pages with the PocketQuery macro, users with view permissions to the page also need to see the embedded query results. By utilizing the existing group and user configuration of the Confluence space permissions, this configuration has to be done only once.


With the possibility to restrict the execution of queries to spaces, PocketQuery received an important feature update in the Cloud, helping administrators to better secure access to REST and SQL data in their organization. By utilizing Confluence's built-in space permissions, the configuration remains easy and transparent.

You can try out PocketQuery for free on the Marketplace. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact us any time via our help portal. We are happy to help!