What's New in PocketQuery Cloud - September 2021 Edition

What's New in PocketQuery Cloud - September 2021 Edition

The summer is over but PocketQuery is not falling asleep! In September 2021, we are bringing new features for PocketQuery Cloud: highly demanded change parameters template, content property wildcards, and the PocketQuery.executeQuery JavaScript API.

Change Params Template

We are excited to announce that PocketQuery Macros now support Change Parameters Templates, which you might have already seen in PocketQuery for Server/DC. This Macro option allows you to automatically include a form that contains parameters of the selected Query. Users, viewing the page with the macro, are allowed to change the macro configuration. The Query reloads automatically without refreshing the page and the new result is displayed.

Template JavaScript APIs

We extended the JavaScript API in PocketQuery Cloud to fill the empty gap in the PocketQuery Template JavaScript API. PocketQuery Server offers the PocketQuery.load function that allows you to dynamically execute a new query and change the displayed result. This function is used only in very advanced cases. PocketQuery Cloud now supports an API with a similar use case: PocketQuery.executeQuery. It supports the following parameters: query ID and query parameters. You can use the API the following way:

PocketQuery.executeQuery('queryId': '...', 'queryParameters': {...}).

Content Property Wildcards

Additionally to the feature parity updates, PocketQuery also offers a new feature that is not present in the PocketQuery Server/DC: content property wildcards. You might have already used some Query wildcards before. Wildcards are special parameters that you don’t select yourself, but they are automatically inserted to the Query statement. Until now, PocketQuery Cloud supported the following wildcards: :@space.key, :@space.id, :@content.type, :@content.version, :@content.id, and :@macro.id. Now, you can also use content property wildcards. These wildcards are matched using prefix :@content.property., followed by the property key. For example, a property called myPageProperty matches with wildcard :@content.property.myPageProperty.

What are Content Properties?

Content Properties are key-value pairs that allow you to assign some attributes to your Confluence content (pages). You can get and set properties using the Confluence Cloud Property REST API. For a page viewer, they are not visible. In order to make them accessible without using the REST API, we introduced an app, called Property Inspector, that you can find on the Atlassian Marketplace as a development tool.

Property Inspector

What’s next?

We are preparing lots of new features for PocketQuery Cloud. They will help you to use the maximum from your datasources. We will keep you informed!

Having questions? Feedback? Contact us at support@livelyapps.com!