Link Management for Confluence—the First Forge App on the Atlassian Marketplace

Link Management for Confluence—the First Forge App on the Atlassian Marketplace

Receiving a report of a dead link in your documentation is always a bit embarrassing, right? We know it very well 🙈. Therefore, we created an app that we needed ourselves really urgently: Link Management for Confluence. And you might need it as well (and you can have it for FREE)! It’s a simple tool that helps you keep your documentation up-to-date, without any outdated links – with minimum effort. Before we introduce the app to you, there is an another exciting thing we want to share: it is the first app on Atlassian Marketplace built in Forge 🚀!

But let’s go step by step. At first, we would like to tell you what Link Management is.

We all know the struggle of dead links in our Confluence pages, right? We create a documentation, publish it, our work is done, and we hope we will never touch it again. Then we return to it a few months later and we see a disaster 😫. Half of the links aren’t working anymore. Now, the most annoying work begins: we have to search trough the whole space and fix all the links. This is the most unpleasant part of our work but it is absolutely necessary to do… Or it is not 🤔?!

Link Management is a simple Confluence app that searches for all links in your space and shows them in a single table. Additionally, it allows you to modify the links.

Table of links

Clicking on a link takes you to the edit mode, where you can see the specific usages of the link and edit it the way you want.

Link edit mode

You can either choose Bulk replace and replace all link occurrences at once, or you can edit them one by one in the Replace by page section.

Links on a page

Once you are done, you can simply hit the Save button and your changes are automatically applied!

What makes this app so special? Let’s talk about Forge…

There is something making this app unique: it is the first Forge app published on the Atlassian Marketplace 🥇. We love new technologies and we are always happy to try out new things. This was a great challenge for us!

Forge is a completely new technology developed by Atlassian. Until now, all apps needed to be hosted on the side of the app vendor, which means that app data processing and storage is out of Atlassian’s control. Which does not sound very secure, right? This is now changing because Atlassian themselves hosts the Forge apps. Are you interested in some technical details? See the official Atlassian Forge documentation.

Wanna try it for FREE?

You can install Link Management from the Atlassian Marketplace. It is fully free! We are excited to receive feedback from our customers, if you have any issues, comments, or questions, please reach out to us at our Service Desk. We will respond to you as quickly as possible – we promise!

That’s all we wanted to share for now… But stay tuned – another BIG announcement is coming soon 🚢!