Record Videos and Screencasts in Confluence

Record Videos and Screencasts in Confluence

In 2020, Atlassian organized a huge hackathon called Codegeist. The goal of this contest was to create new apps for Jira and Confluence. We participated and won the second place with our app “Lively Recorder for Confluence”.

And now we have some great news: starting today, the Lively Recorder is available for free on the Atlassian Marketplace! 🎁🎥

What can the Lively Recorder do for you? It allows you to create recordings from either your webcam or your screen directly from within Confluence. To start using it, create a new Confluence page and type /recording to insert a new recording macro. A dialog will show up, asking you what type of recording you want to create.

Inserting the Lively Recorder Macro

Once you have selected a type, a pop-up will open. There you can select the camera & microphone, or the screen or application you want to record. Just like you would expect, you can start, pause, and finish the recording.

Recording a video with the Lively Recorder popup

After finishing your recording, you can give a name and a description, and upload it to your Confluence page. From there, your colleagues will be able to watch it, just like any other video. Easy, right?

Viewing the recording in a page

Worried about privacy? All recordings that are created with the Lively Recorder are uploaded directly to your Confluence page as normal attachments. All data stays in your Confluence instance and never crosses any third-party server!

Interested in trying out the Lively Recorder for yourself? Give it a shot! (It’s free!)