What's New in Task Reminder Cloud—January 2021 Edition

What's New in Task Reminder Cloud—January 2021 Edition

Since Task Reminder for Confluence Cloud has gone live around the end of last year, it has grown quite a lot. You have been sending us great feedback and we went ahead and converted that feedback into features. Let’s have a look at what we added to Task Reminder recently.

Receive reminders via Slack

Starting today, you can connect Task Reminder to your Slack workspace! It only takes two clicks, and you’re all set up! The rest of the configuration is exactly the same as you’re used to with Email reminders. You can decide whether you want to receive both Slack and Email reminders at the same time, or just either of them - your choice!

Connect Task Reminder to Slack with just two clicks!

Space Overview

One of the goals we have with Task Reminder is to make it the #1 tool when it comes to working with Confluence tasks. For this reason, we added a new link to the sidebar of your spaces that lets you immediately access all the tasks in your space. If you want to know more about this, you can check out the documentation here.

See all unresolved tasks in your space in a neat overview

Dashboard Panel

Following the same goal mentioned above, we added a panel to the dashboard of Confluence that lets you glance at your 5 most urgent tasks! With this, you should hopefully never miss an important piece of work again. If you want to learn more about it, find our documentation here.

The dashboard panel shows your five most urgent tasks

Turn off reminders with a single click

Going on vacation? Want to turn off reminder emails over the holidays for everyone? We’ve got you covered! We added new toggles to the status box for both Email and Slack reminders which allow you to switch reminders on and off with one single click!

It only takes one click to turn your reminders on or off

And in addition to this, we made lots of small improvements to the email settings page. But we’re of course not stopping there - we have many more exciting features planned for the next months!

What’s next?