Get Ready to Start Recording: #2 Codegeist App Lively Recorder is Live

Get Ready to Start Recording: #2 Codegeist App Lively Recorder is Live

Remember Codegeist 2020? For this contest by Atlassian, we submitted our app “Lively Recorder” and managed to land second place with it (see our blogpost)! Since then, Lively Recorder has undergone many changes, and we are excited to announce that it’s available on the Marketplace starting today!

What is Lively Recorder?

The Lively Recorder is a simple unified way to create and share screen and video recordings in Confluence. You do not need any external tools anymore, it can all be done in Confluence. Simply add the Recorder macro into your Confluence page and start recording! When you are finished, you don’t need to care about storing and uploading your video (this part is always a bit annoying, right?). Instead, the Recorder automatically uploads and adds the video to your Confluence page for your teammates to watch. Do you want to see the Recorder in action? Watch our Codegeist video:

The Recorder has grown adult

Previously, in our Codegeist submission, we used AWS S3 buckets as video storage. However, there were two main issues with this: costs and data security. We want to make our apps accessible for everyone, so we were looking for a more affordable solution. At the same time, we also wanted to increase reliability and give you, the creator, full control over your recordings. Thus, we have decided that recordings should never leave Confluence… But how could we achieve that? By storing videos as page attachments!

We are now storing your recordings in Confluence as attachments of the page where they were recorded. Thanks to this approach, you have full control over your recordings without any extra costs! Of course, you can view, download, delete, and move them anywhere you wish.

We also worked a lot on making the interface (and overall user experience) better and more Lively. This includes a new macro editor, recording screen, and much more!

What’s next?

Despite the first version of the Recorder being released now, this is not the end of its development by any means. Actually, quite the contrary. This is the start of a new and exciting journey! Our backlog is full of amazing features and ideas, waiting to be implemented!

You can find the Lively Recorder on the Marketplace. Give it a try, we are sure you will love it, just as we do!