You asked and we listened: PocketQuery for Confluence Cloud is live! PocketQuery is a perennial favorite among our users. And now it’s in the Cloud to make your transition to this brave new Confluence even easier. If you’re not a PocketQuery fanatic yet and have a need to integrate data from external sources (REST/SQL) into Confluence pages, keep reading because this is the solution for you.

PocketQuery Cloud Heading
PocketQuery has landed in the Cloud!

PocketQuery is an app packed with features that allow you to use and display your data the way you need it.

PocketQuery Macro Editor

It allows you to visualize data from arbitrary SQL databases or REST APIs by embedding the PocketQuery macro in any Confluence page.

PocketQuery Administration

You don’t need to worry about security! Only administrators and user groups of your choice can manage Datasources and create specific Queries to obtain data from these Datasources.

PocketQuery Administration

PocketQuery also provides you Converters and Templates to make your data more human-readable. And many more features remain to be explored!

For a more detailed explanation of how to get started, read the Getting Started and tutorials. Check out the documentation to take a deep dive into the world of PocketQuery. Need help? Raise a ticket!.

Try PocketQuery for Confluence Cloud for free from the Atlassian Marketplace.