Now that's something I like - Welcome Lively Blogs 3.10.0

Now that's something I like - Welcome Lively Blogs 3.10.0

Don’t forget about your teaser images anymore and like your blog posts directly from the Confluence dashboard!

A lot has changed in the background!

When the first version of Lively Blogs was released in 2015, we had an entirely different development landscape. Especially the JavaScript ecosystem has changed a lot since then. With Lively Blogs 3.10.0, we updated the frontend architecture to align with our other apps and to comply with stable and modern standards. While this has no obvious visible effect, we can now develop new features much more quickly and reliably.

Don’t worry, there’s also new features!

We decided to focus on what we consider a key functionality of Lively Blogs: making the reading and writing of blog posts in Confluence a smooth and enjoyable experience. Teaser images are one of the top features of Lively Blogs – but forgetting to set them for your blog posts used to be easy. Now, you will be reminded when no teaser has been set for your blog post.

No teaser selected warning

We also wanted to make it easier for you to like blog posts you like. That’s why we added the option to like blog posts directly from the dashboard and from the overview:

Like from dashboard

As you can see, you will now be told what posts you have already liked. Additionally, we squished fixed some smaller bugs that you might have encountered.

What’s next?

If you already use Lively Blogs on your Confluence instance, make sure to grab the latest version to get all those new features and make your Lively Blogs more stable! If not so, make sure to check out our Marketplace listing were you can find out more about Lively Blogs.

Should you encounter a problem with Lively Blogs or have questions, let us know via our service desk or check out our documentation.