Task Reminder 2.1.0—Per User Opt-Out, Task Creators, And More

Task Reminder 2.1.0—Per User Opt-Out, Task Creators, And More

Task Reminder for Confluence 2.1.0 is here! For navigating the opt outs, metrics and schedules in the future, here is a peek at Task Reminder for Confluence 2.1.0.

Why do we have this many emails? - Per User Opt Out

Some users in your Confluence need Task Reminder to ensure that their blog post gets written in time for version 2.1.0 of the app they have been working on. A few of us however are totally on top of things and got this their blog post done with plenty of time to spare. And for those very few who are totally on top of things and are getting one too many emails in their inbox, we present the “per user opt out.”

A trusting administrator can click this toggle found in the Administrator Task Reminder Settings page here:

Only for the trusting administrator

which opens up this option up in every user’s User Settings:

Only for the confident user!

And with a click, the Reminder Email is no more.

Who asked me for this? - The Task Creator

I'll get right on it, Mom!

Oh of course! Who else would ask me for this?

Task Reminder has extended its Email Content Velocity API. In the Task Reminder of old, every Task in a Reminder Email may have come from some invisible user on your Confluence instance; but now you can know exactly who is responsible for the late night you’re drinking coffee through to meet tomorrow’s deadline*. A Reminder Email can be configured to display the creator of a task. That means their display name, their full name, and even their email for that coffee bean invoice.

See the Email Content Velocity API documentation for more information!

When’s the third Friday of this month? - Future Schedules

A little quality of life improvement for the administrators whose internal calendars run a little bit slower. Just a click on the Task Reminder Schedule setting in the Administrator Task Reminder Settings page, and you are met with a list dates for the next few Task Reminder jobs.

Much clearer!

Where’s my bottleneck? - Performance Metrics

A little addition for the performance cognizant administrator. Do you see it?

It's right there!

Look a little closer.

For the performance cognizant administrator

It’s the last job’s execution duration. Useful and performant!

What’s left? - Minor Additions

Let’s get these last few out real quick

  • Support for Read-Only Mode for Confluence
  • Support for Jira Macros and Attachment Links within a Task’s body
  • A bugfix or two

Did we mention with all of this its still a minor release? Really makes you wonder how much we have in store for the next major release 😉

Thanks for reading this release post of Task Reminder for Confluence 2.1.0. If you want to know more about Task Reminder in general, have a look at the following links:

* Not you of course!