Git Snippets 2.6.0—Use Access Tokens with Bitbucket Server

Git Snippets 2.6.0—Use Access Tokens with Bitbucket Server
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We are happy to announce the new minor release 2.6.0 of Git Snippets for Confluence. After adding a Markdown Renderer to Git Snippets last month, we now added the option to use an Access Token on Bitbucket Server instances. We also improved the usability of the Markdown Renderer.

You might have used Git Snippets with a Bitbucket Server Instance already. Prior to this release, it was only possible to use the Application Link functionality. While Bitbucket Instances connected with Application Link already worked really well, they only allowed users with access to the included file to see the Git snippet.

This limitation is sometimes insufficient. Maybe you want to show a short code snippet of a product to, for instance,  an intern without giving them access to all your repositories. Maybe you want to include the of every repository on your development wiki, so every user, even without permissions on this repository, can read it. Until now, this was not possible.

Dont be afraid of missing permissions anymore

With this release we added the option to also use Access Tokens with Bitbucket Server. This allows you to create a user on your Bitbucket Instance with read-only permissions on every repository. Now, every user can see Git snippets, even if the permission for the files is missing.

To add an Access Token for your Bitbucket Server Instance, just go to the Git Snippets Settings Page and add the URL of your instance alongside access token for your read-only user.

How-to add a Access Token

Improved Usability: Never forget to enable the Markdown Renderer

Last month we added a Markdown Renderer to Git Snippets. This month, we improved the usability of the Git Snippet Macro by showing a warning, if you insert a Markdown file without the Renderer enabled. You can even click the warning and et voilà - the Markdown Renderer will be enabled for you.

Of course, this feature also works the other way round: If you insert a Non-Markdown file, but the markdown renderer is still enabled, a warning will appear, too.

Where to go?

Thanks for reading this release post of Git Snippets 2.6.0. If you want to know more about Git Snippets in general, have a look at the following links: