Welcome Task Reminder 2.0

Welcome Task Reminder 2.0

Welcome Task Reminder for Confluence 2.0! We have decided to take our app to the next level! In this new release, we have focused on major improvements for Task Reminder admins, a decision we have drawn mostly from the feedback we processed from the users of our app (thanks!). If you use tasks with mentions, and possibly due dates in your Confluence instance, it is only natural that users forget about their tasks. Task Reminder will help them remember! By sending scheduled reminder emails.

Settings Overhaul

In the previous versions of our app, it was sometimes cumbersome to configure Task Reminder. We decided to give the UI a major overhaul and bring it up to date so admins will have a better time configuring reminders for their instance. It should now be straight-forward to set up…

  • …in what intervals and when reminder emails should be sent?
  • …what users and groups should receive reminder emails?
  • …what type of tasks should be included in emails?

See the General Settings documentation for more information.

Email Templates

Reminder emails can now be configured with a template. Previously all emails always looked the same and we have heard from many users that they would like to decide what contents and styles will end up in these emails. Administrators will be able to leverage the full power of the Velocity templating language for the content of their emails. Furthermore, they will be able to write CSS to design an individual appearance.

See the documentation at Email Content and Email Stylesheet for more details.

Email Previews and Test Emails

Designing an email template – potentially with a stylesheet and translations – can be a bit intimidating at first. To ease this process, we implemented both test emails and a preview functionality: at any time in the process of creating an email template, administrators will be able to either generate previews or send test emails that will demonstrate exactly what the emails will look like that will be sent to a (potentially large) user base.

Email Translations

Translations have been a dominant topic in our support cases for Task Reminder: many Confluence instances are multi-lingual and we had to integrate translations into our app. This required an app update with each translation request from administrators and users. With version 2.0, administrators can implement their own translations that will be used depending on the user’s language settings. See the Email Translations documentation for more details.

Moving from free to paid

Before we started the work on Task Reminder for Confluence 2.0, we made sure our app will perform well on large-scale instances and went through the data center approval process with Atlassian. Due to the increased efforts in the testing process and feature development, we are transforming Task Reminder from a free to a paid app. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have concerns with this decision. This step will also make sure we can continue providing the support, maintenance, and future improvements that we would expect if we were ourselves users of Task Reminder.