PocketQuery and HideElements are Now Data Center Ready

PocketQuery and HideElements are Now Data Center Ready

We’ve been working on it for some time now and we’re very happy that our two important Atlassian Marketplace apps, PocketQuery for Confluence and the free HideElements for Confluence, are now officially “Data Center ready”. The necessary tests with different target systems and many hundreds of concurrent users take longer than originally anticipated but we are positive that we will follow up with our other Marketplace apps by September.

What does Data Center ready mean?

Atlassian has established new development and testing criteria for Marketplace apps used in highly available and scalable data center environments. These include how applications handle cache operations, support required databases, implement blocking and availability in cluster environments, and more.

Since the end of 2018, Data Center approved apps have to undergo a rigorous technical review process that is controlled and monitored by Atlassian.

How to find Data Center apps?

Of the currently over 3,000 extensions for Jira, Confluence & Co. that are available on the Marketplace, more than 400 plugins are currently “Data Center ready”. You can tell whether an app is available for Data Center by looking at the hosting options in the top right corner on its Marketplace listing. If you want to see what apps are available for Data Center you can search for DC apps by choosing “Data Center” as the hosting option.


What to consider when installing Data Center apps?

The process is the same as for Atlassian Server products. Apps and associated data are installed normally. Replication across all nodes is done automatically be the host product.

Do I need to switch to the Data Center version of an app?

“Starting” September 3, 2019, you must purchase a Data Center approved app license if such a version is available on the Marketplace.

Our Scandio Atlassian Marketplace apps

Now it’s time to try them out! We have completed the process on two of our Atlassian Marketplace apps and are looking forward to verifying our remaining apps as well.

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