Team Admin for Confluence is Out

Team Admin for Confluence is Out

Dear Confluence admins,

from personal experience we can sympathize and know how much you have on your plate. Many of our customers have Confluence instances with hundreds of spaces and thousands of users. It’s exhausting to have each space admin come by and say that they want user A to be added to group X, but then user B needs to be moved to a new group Y, because group X doesn’t have the comment permission in the space - you know the drill.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to deal with these little tasks and could focus on the important work?

Now you can! With our newest app: Team Admin for Confluence.

How does Team Admin make your life easier?

With Team Admin, any space administrator can manage a specific set of groups just within their space. The app adds a button to create groups to the Space Tools > Permissions page. For example, in the Marketing (MAR) space, a space admin can create a new group “mar-editors”. Then, he can set appropriate permissions for the group. Finally, users can be added and removed quickly and easily. No more bugging the Confluence admin to create and manage groups!


Create a new group with just two clicks:


Add and remove users to and from space groups directly on the Permissions page in the Space Tools section, where space admins can edit group permissions already. No need to bug a Confluence administrator!


We know you have large groups with a lot of users - of course you can filter users to quickly search for a specific member:


Where are we going from here?

Be sure to download Team Admin from the Atlassian Marketplacefor a free 30-day trial and let us know what you think.

This is just the start for Team Admin. We’ve got exciting stuff coming soon and more features planned for all our apps - we hope to see you along for the ride! (smile)

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