Version 3.4.0 of PocketQuery for Confluence is out now

Version 3.4.0 of PocketQuery for Confluence is out now

(Note: This is a news article about the new PocketQuery version for Confluence 3.4.0. If you’re searching for the documentation, you can find it here).

Version 3.4.0 of our plugin PocketQuery for Confluence is now available at the marketplace! It comes with a number of improvements that all aim to enhance security, usability and general customer benefit.

What are the main features?

New user role: PocketQuery editors

We received a number of requests to limit the scope of entities that an individual PocketQuery administrator is able to maintain. So we now started to implement a more enhanced access management by introducing the new user role “PocketQuery editors”. These users are allowed to access the PocketQuery administration and can read and edit queries, templates and converters, but they are not able to maintain or even see datasources. If you want to restrict the most private part of your PocketQuery data, you can now do that easily.

More information can be found in this section of the documentation: Configuring Access to the PocketQuery administration.

Export/Import of single entities

It’s now possible to export and import single entites in the PocketQuery administration. Do you want to build a query on your test system and move it to the production system? Simply export and import it. Do you want to backup a query while working on it, to have a working snapshot you can return to if needed? Export it and re-import it if time comes. Do you want to raise a support ticket and get help from our Servicedesk to figure out a problem with your query? Simply attach an export and we will be much quicker at helping you.

Worried about security? Exports only contain the data a user is allowed to see in the PocketQuery administration. As passwords are displayed using asterisks (*****), it will be exported as asterisks as well to keep this information private. Additionally, a user with the new role PocketQuery editor will not be able to export or import datasources. Of course, export files should always be handled with care.

More information can be found on this page of the documentation: Import/Export of Single Entities.

Deeper insights into your statistics - PocketQuery Macro Usage queries

Since version 3.3.0, PocketQuery can collect usage data that include how many times a query on a specific page has been looked at. If this feature is enabled, you can see some basic numbers on the administration dashboard. This usage data is stored in a table within your Confluence database - which means you can use PocketQuery itself to further analyze it! We created a number of PocketQuery Macro Usage queries as examples on how you can get a deeper insight into these statistics.

Which minor improvements were made?

Beside the big changes, we also worked on a lot of details to improve security and usability:

  • We restructured the documentation to make it more self-explanatory.
  • As the debug output of the PocketQuery macro may contain sensitive information, we restricted it so that only PocketQuery administrators or editors will be able to see it.
  • You can now work in several tabs at once in the PocketQuery administration.
  • And, of course, we fixed some minor bugs.

Please also note, that the function PocketQuery.load() of the JS API is now officially deprecated and will be removed in the next major release.

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