What's New with our Add-Ons?

What's New with our Add-Ons?

For about a year now, we have been busy product designers and now offer a range of seven different add-ons at the Atlassian Marketplace. Soon our newest addition Page Branching for Confluence will be released - of course, we will provide you with some information referring to it…

In Addition, we proudly present the following new features for our Confluence Add-Ons:


Improved query administration and extended wildcard support

For PocketQuery 3.2, the Admin interface has been improved. You can now filter the list of queries by datasources which makes finding the one you are looking for much easier. Power users with various data sources and lots of queries will love this feature! Additionally, the support of parameter wildcards (like e.g. @pagetitle) has been extended. Until version 3.1 they could be used when setting a parameter value within the PocketQuery macro. Now you can also use the wildcards earlier when creating a new query in the PocketQuery administration. This limits the options for regular users and can be a very important security feature - or simply very handy because there is no need to set the wildcard for each macro manually. The new logic works for both SQL and REST queries.

Improved query administration
Extended wildcard support

Lively Blogs

New and improved blog post layouts

Lively Blogs 3.2 comes with a new default balloon layout and bigger images for posts on the blogs page. Alternatively, you can now choose between image-left, image-right, image-embedded and image-fullwidth for the dashboard and for the macro.

New default balloon layout & bigger images for posts
Image-left layout

Lively Theme

New navigation settings and responsive search bar

With version 1.2, the navigation categories can now be configured and the search bar collapses in small browsers. In addition, the theme now uses the default Confluence font. Due to the compatibility with Lively Blogs 3.2, Lively Theme 1.2 also offers the new blog posts layout.

Lively Theme 1.2

Task Reminder

New Languages and Features

Since the release of Task Reminder 1.3, links in the tasks are now shown and clickable, user mentions are visible and the Data Center compatibility is ensured. Moreover, Russian and Lithuanian are now supported languages by Task Reminder. We have even integrated some minor changes for a better readability.

Reminder email with clickable links

This has been a short summary what we’ve been working on during the last months. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in all matters via support@livelyapps.com.com.