Our add-on Lively Blogs gets new features

Our add-on Lively Blogs gets new features

(Note: This is a news article regarding our newest add-on Lively Blogs for Confluence. If you’re looking for the documentation, you can find it here).

You want to make the most out of your Confluence blog posts by adding teaser images, using prioritization and display them on a stunning overview page and on the dashboard? Our add-on Lively Blogs is a blogging and news extension that can seamlessly be integrated on to your Confluence Dashboard and adds an additional overview functionality. Keep your users updated, with prioritized lively blogs & teasers.

What are the main features?

Add Confluence blog posts to the dashboards

Get the most out of your blog posts in Confluence by adding a blog stream to the dashboard. And if you have something important to say, label a post as “important” and it will stick at the top for everybody to be seen.


Bring your blog posts lo live with teaser images

Display your blog posts with teaser images to enhance your content with a visual element and get your readers attention. And also, it makes blogging more fun!


Add a dedicated blogs page to Confluence

See all stories in a beautiful card layout on a single page. The latest or important posts are displayed at the top with even bigger images - to keep all your users up to date!


Easily navigate through posts

Browse through featured or all posts on the overview page. You can even use labels to create a variety of categories (e.g. customer, internal or team), for your users to navigate through. The most popular posts can bee seen at a glance on the sidebar. This way users can quickly spot the blog posts they need.


What are further features?

  • Lively Blogs can easily be integrated to any Confluence. Using our add-on Lively Theme for Confluence you can additively enjoy an overall modern look with dashboard widgets and an improved space navigation.
  • Support for Data Center: Lively Blogs is compatible with Confluence Data Center.

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