Say hello to Lively Theme for Confluence!

Say hello to Lively Theme for Confluence!

(Note: This is a news article regarding our newest add-on Lively Theme for Confluence. If you’re looking for the documentation, you can find it here).

You love using Confluence? With our newest add-on Lively Theme you can continue using Confluence with its existing functionality and high quality standard - but with a more modern look and some neat extra features.

Lively Theme does not only give your Confluence a visually appealing dashboard structure, but also integrates a wide range of useful tools like Team Calendars, Blogposts and Open Tasks- on the dashboard by default. Furthermore with our enhanced space navigation users get quick access to their spaces and space categories. If we still haven’t convinced you, we hope the quick and effortless out-of-the-box integration and the multiple applications of Confluence as Social Intranet, Developer Confluence etc. can do it!

What are the main features?

Simple, but appealing dashboard design with widgets

Lively Theme comes with a clean, modern dashboard based on widgets, which provides you with a neat overview as well as some colorful accents. Additionally, we offer you the possibility to implement our predefined color settings or adapt the header, to match your corporate identity. In order to support our wide variety of customers, you can decide for yourself how you’d like to arrange the tiles to fit your needs perfectly.


Improved space navigation

To optimize the efficiency and structure of your Confluence, we invented a new and extended space navigation, which can easily be found in the header at the top of every page. Simply switch between different categories  and spaces, eg. your own, or most recently visited ones. Furthermore you can add new categories and group spaces into specific sections.


Standard Integration of useful tools

Due to our long-term experience with Atlassian Tools, we are fully aware of the benefits of specific add-ons. With Lively Theme several useful and well-known tools, like Team Calenders, Atlassian Questions, Standard und Lively Blogposts, Admin List, Welcome Message, JIRA Issues and Open tasks etc., are integrated in your dashboard by default. In this way you can make important content available to all users.


What are further features?

  • Farther unlimited flexibility, whether you are using your Confluence as Social Intranet, Team Website, Developer Confluence or Knowledge Space etc.
  • Easily integrate Lively Blogposts to your dashboard to display blog posts wherever you want with images and texts.
  • Profit from the high and fast updatability of Lively Theme!
  • Start easily after the installation- no complex and additional configurations are necessary.
  • Support for Data Center: Lively Theme is compatible with Confluence Data Center.

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