Open stage for PocketQuery 1.14

Open stage for PocketQuery 1.14

Open stage for PocketQuery 1.14! This version has a few design improvements and some neat new features packed for you! These are the new features / characteristics of version 1.14:

New icon design

PocketQuery got a new icon on your Confluence system (the red database).

Template configuration

There is now a way of setting certain configuration parameters in PocketQuery templates. These follow a certain syntax ## @param key:value you might be used to from Confluence user macros.

PlainText output

The first configuration parameter introduced in this version lets you output the result of a PocketQuery macro as plain text. This can be useful if you want to use the output of PocketQuery for another macro. Just set this on top of your template: ## @param plain:true

New helper methods

There are two new helper methods on the $PocketQuery template helper for rendering output:

  • renderXhtml - render a given XHTML string to HTML. The given XHTML can be arbitrary Confluence storage format. This can be used to render other macros or other Confluence contents like profiles or mentions
  • renderWikiMarkup - renders a given wiki markup string to HTML. The given string can be arbitrary Atlassian wiki markup (e.g. JIRA markup or (legacy-) Confluence wiki markup.

Macro browser auto-focus

The query select box in the PocketQuery will now have focus directly when the macro browser is loaded. This allows “power users” to immediately select the desired query with the keyboard.

Date format for Google Charts API

Data given to the Google Charts API didn’t work with the type date before. Dates were simply given to the chart methods as strings and therefore no charts with dates could be rendered. Dates are now dynamically recognized when chart data is produced.

Rearranged position in admin UI

The position of the database and query sections were switched since the more intuitive way should be that databases entities are on top.

Design of help button

We receive a lot of questions on Atlassian Answers about PocketQuery details. While we are very happy about that, a lot of questions could be immediately answered by the questioner herself if she read our documentation. For this purpose we made the links more prominent both in the admin UI and the macro browser.

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