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Feb 24, 2020

Ever wanted to hide some elements in Atlassian Confluence?
Please have a look at this screenshot. Look at it carefully and think about what you can see. Or, more importantly, what you cannot see! Exactly! It’s a Confluence page but there’s lots of elements missing you might be familiar with. There’s no create button in the header, no breadcrumb...
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Jan 15, 2020

A warm HELLO from Lively Apps! Or: a story of the letter V
We are thrilled to give you all a first HELLO from our freshly founded company called Lively Apps! From now on, whenever you see a tricolored V you will know that this is us: the team that has crafted a fair range of amazing Atlassian apps like PocketQuery, Lively Blogs,...
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Nov 06, 2019

Welcome Task Reminder 2.0
Welcome Task Reminder for Confluence 2.0! We have decided to take our app to the next level! In this new release, we have focused on major improvements for Task Reminder admins, a decision we have drawn mostly from the feedback we processed from the users of our app (thanks!). If...
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Oct 22, 2019

Why Lively Theme? Your Confluence from OK to AWESOME in 10 minutes!
Prelude We used to develop custom themes in the past which turned out hard to maintain. We changed to only one theme app called Lively Theme that acts as a drop-in solution with options for customizations. In this Blog Post we describe how you can achieve your own individual Confluence...
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Aug 29, 2019

Our Atlassian Marketplace Apps Summer Releases!
July and August was a quiet time at Scandio with many of our co-workers being on summer vacation. Our Atlassian apps team used this opportunity for a productive phase with four new releases: PocketQuery for Confluence 3.10.0 PocketQuery for Jira 1.4.0 Lively Theme 3.2.0 Team Admin for Confluence 1.6.0 Read...